Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

We are a close-knitted, motivated team that is driven to get you results. We don’t just connect traffic with people, we help you reach your full potential, and then, raise that standard even higher. Just as the advertising industry never stops moving forward, neither do we. VIP Response has been tried and tested as leaders in affiliate marketing, list management, and lead generation, and we sure do love a good challenge.

Meet the Team

Danne Connoly

Software Developer

Ian Trip

Business Development Director

Gijs Liekens

Team Lead Sales

 Danny Verhoef

Head of List Management

Willemijn Kokkeel

Business Developer

 Nick Sangers

International Sales Manager

Rob Storm

Sales Manager

Adinda Gersen

Office Assistant

Anne Kuiper

Office Manager

 Joseph Oseremen

Affiliate Manager

Paul Schmidt

Operational Manager

Hugues Mercier 

Senior Designer

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We are experts in affiliate marketing, lead generation, list management, and UX design. We are inspired by culture and experiences and are driven to not just change numbers, but people. Join us today!

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