How To Make Marketing To Gen Z?

Februar 8, 2022
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Februar 8, 2022 [email protected]

Everyone wants to reach out to Generation Z. They are, after all, the new generation of consumers, with over $140 billion in total spending power. On the other side, Gen Zers are a challenging group to work with. They hold brands to high standards and avoid using typical advertising strategies.

In the United States, Gen Z is predicted to account for 40% of all customers. 55 percent of Gen Z consumers prefer environmentally friendly and socially responsible brands. Social media is where 85 percent of Generation Z learns about new products. Like the millennials before them, 45 percent of Gen Zers claim they are online almost constantly. 

Unlike millennials, though, most Zoomers have little recollection of a time before cell phones and social media. The Zoomers are coming, and now is the time to reconsider how we market to this media-savvy generation.

Who Is Generation Z?

Generation Z is progressive. It is more politically diverse than previous generations, and of course, to be the most educated. This generation also rejects labels, is radically inclusive and spends time weighing all of their options before purchasing.

Marketers that want to take advantage of Gen Z’s massive purchasing power must first understand what motivates them. Having a pulse on what young customers desire provides brands with fresh business prospects. Also, it ensures that they do not miss out on significant social media trends.

These digital natives are more likely to buy from companies that have set clear guidelines. Also, those that are welcoming and have a vibrant online community. Because they grew up with cellphones, the Internet, and social media, they have a unique perspective.

2023 is the year to start thinking about the following generation if you haven’t already.

You can tap into Gen Z’s audience and develop content. They’ll engage with a few methods designed exclusively for them – without alienating your present clients.

Why Doesn’t Traditional Marketing Work?

Because of the emergence of smartphones, Generation Z marketing is no longer bound by the location of the television. They have complete freedom to view whatever they want, whenever they want. Gen Z can access a broader range of material with the sweep of a finger. Most of its trends are developed by their peers. Commercial breaks must be shorter to cut through the noise and fit the bite-sized nature of the material consumed via social media.

Brands must better grasp how their target audience uses each channel than ever before to make meaningful relationships. Ads should be eye-catching and blend in with the type of information Gen Z wants to consume on each app or website. The influencer enters the picture at this point.

Key Marketing Strategies For Gen Z

You must be wondering how to market to Gen Z? Well, marketing to young clients has always been difficult.

It can be tough to keep track of demographic data. Trends in marketing come and go.

However, Gen Z’s outspokenness and constant online presence make predicting their purchasing habit a lot less of a guessing game now.

Treating Generation Z as a singular entity will make you appear out of touch. Brands must also figure out how to bridge the generational divide between Gen Z and other generations, such as Millennials. Despite their similarities, understanding Gen Z’s online activities and social preferences are the first step in communicating with them.

So, let’s get started!

  • Sell Experiences Rather Than Products.

Hard sells aren’t appealing to Generation Z. They’re impervious to blatant marketing campaigns since they’ve grown up on the Internet. They aren’t interested in hearing why your product is so great; they want to know how it will help them. What kind of experience do you think they’ll have with your product?

According to Mention, your product accounts for 25% of what you sell. The remaining 75% is the intangible feeling associated with the product.

Consider Brandy Melville. Given the laid-back California vibes they exude, you’d never guess they’re Italians, but that’s because they’re great at selling the sensations their garments provide.

Sure, their outfits are inexpensive, adorable, and only available in one size (a UK 6-8). Why do Gen Zers, on the other hand, buy into their brand? Because they, too, will be able to enjoy the all-American lifestyle that Brandy Melville promotes through her marketing platforms. Take a look at their Instagram, which features Insta models at the beach or on countless road trips across the United States, and you’ll understand it better.

  • Make Sure Your Tech Design Is Top-Notch.

Automation and self-service are emerging as popular ways to cater to this generation of tech-savvy, self-educated customers, but automation is key to doing it effectively. Buyers will not consider your technology a quality purchasing option if the design is not exceptional and matches customer expectations, resulting in a decrease in goodwill toward your brand as well as your product or service.

  • Experimenting Material To See What You Can Come Up With.

Studies reveal that a combination of originality and interaction works best after catching and following Gen z social media trends.

Like, when younger clients see your postings, they want to interact with them by tapping, swiping, or clicking.

You may encourage social connection and discussion by doing anything pleasant. Consider using interactive components like surveys to learn more about your customers while also piquing their interest.

  • Tags Can Be Used To Increase Engagement.

Tagging is also crucial when it comes to marketing to Gen Z. Consider the following scenario:

  • Using a branded hashtag to encourage followers to post user-generated material (e.g., customer photographs).
  • Allowing customers to use a brand’s actual location to tag themselves
  • To welcome additional prospective followers to a brand’s social feed, customers are asked to tag their friends and family.
  • Give Response To Your Followers 

Giving your Generation Z followers your whole attention is a perfect way to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Given that 47 percent of consumers regard a perfect business to provide excellent customer service, fast responses to your clients are an important aspect of any brand’s social strategy.

The responsiveness of a brand fosters client loyalty and helps the company achieve its financial objectives. According to research, 41% of Gen Z consumers would love to opt to buy from a brand that provides prompt, quick responses to customers over a competition. Brands, by using tools like social listening, can ensure they never miss a unique and important mention. Also, they never miss necessary customer contact online.

  • Individualize Your Approach

Generation Z was born into a social atmosphere, unlike many people who fondly remember the delights of dial-up. They expect to be treated as people by the brands with whom they interact and purchase. It happens especially on e-commerce because of the availability and influence of their favorite celebrities. It means that data is essential for customizing their experiences.

  • Bring Your Brand’s Principles And Beliefs To Life.

According to data from research, consumers have high expectations when it comes to brands taking stands on social issues. It is especially true among social media Gen Z customers, who are three times more likely than other generations to believe that its mission is to serve communities and society. 

Brands are frequently coming up with ideas and values on their (social) sleeves, from embracing diversity to raising awareness for social concerns and beyond.

  • Accept Customer Comments And Reviews With Open Arms.

When it comes to encouraging purchasing behaviors, the perfect thing a company can do is to keep quiet on social media, according to a research report.

Customer reviews may help your company’s internet reputation. It will provide information to new clients that may be interested. Also, it strengthens credibility through social proof by including them in your social strategy. Take Five Guys as an example. They frequently post user-generated material and customer ratings on their Facebook page. From their strategies, you can also learn how to advertise to Gen Z. 

Final Words – What Strategies Do You Use For Marketing To Generation Z?

Marketing to younger clients may take some finesse, but it’s not just for the „cool“ firms on social media.

Do you want more visual content? Is it possible to provide more authenticity? More back-and-forth discussions with clients?

Hey, all of those sound wonderful to us.

By taking the time to learn about Gen Z advertising and tastes and what distinguishes them from previous generations, brands can forge lasting bonds that benefit all parties involved.


What is Gen Z?

Gen Z refers to the generation of individuals born between 1997 and 2012. They’re known for their tech-savviness and are often referred to as „digital natives.“

Why is it important to tailor marketing strategies towards Gen Z?

Gen Z has a significant purchasing power and is highly influential in today’s market. They’re known for their unique consumption habits, which often revolve around digital content and online shopping. Thus, companies need to adapt their marketing strategies to effectively reach this demographic.

How can I effectively market to Gen Z?

To successfully market to Gen Z, it’s important to understand their values, habits, and preferences. Gen Z prefers genuine, engaging content and appreciates brands that take a stand on social issues. They’re also highly active on social media platforms, so incorporating these channels into your marketing strategy can be beneficial.

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