How To Hire A Copywriter: 7 The Best Ways How To Do It.

juin 28, 2022
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juin 28, 2022 [email protected]

Congrats! Your website is finally up and running.

And cheers to all of these pretty graphics, amazing audiovisual effects and easy-to-navigate functions that attract your ideal customers and clients.


Of all these tantalizing effects, no prospects dare to stay and go through what you offer. Unqualified prospects reach out to you, some are even confused about what you do and who do you really serve. 

Worse — they don’t consider or show interest at all! This is because there’s no quality content to see and your website current copy isn’t quite doing the trick! 

You’ve found yourself sitting in front of a blank Word file staring reluctantly at it for hours… 

Then it’s time to hire a copywriter! Writing your own website copy can get you all discouraged even blurry eyed. Anyone can write words. But it takes a pro to craft copy that attracts your dream customers and drive them to open their wallets and buy from you. Hand over the keyboard and let a pro take the wheel and help you get back to what you do best. 

But, how to find a copywriter that’s legit and suits your business needs? 

Read on to learn the 7 best ways how to hire a copywriter that will transform your website like a well-oiled cash generating machine. 

Why do you need to hire a copywriter? 

To start with, we answer the most basic question, “why hire a copywriter?” 

The best answer is that, as a business owner, you’ll be able to save ample time which you can spend on doing what you do best – serving your valued clients and customers. Learning techniques and tricks on writing compelling and persuasive copy for hours should not be your focus. 

You see, many things go into play in copywriting than just merely letting words down on a page. Copywriters may be known as savvy wordsmiths that brings your business message into life but they are more than that. They are experts in crafting engaging and persuasive messaging that relates and connects with your prospects and meet them at their current stage in the customer journey making you the perfect choice to fill their need. They are laser-focused on the level of intent and awareness of your prospects and inject scientific persuasion formulas that turn your prospects into buyers. 

Too much for you as a business owner, isn’t it? 

You deserve a website that sounds good not just looks good. That’s why it’s indeed best to look for a copywriter for hire that will stick around and help you skyrocket and grow your business! 

The 7 Best Ways To Hire a Copywriter 

Step 1: Clearly Define What You Really Want 

Copywriters have a different kind. They too have line of specialty based on their personal experiences. So, first of all, before hiring a conversion-focused copywriter, it is important to know exactly what do you want from the copywriter you are going hire. Consider the niche or industry your business is currently operating. Is it in the eCommerce space? Personal development? Real Estate? Personal finance? And the like. Decide on the tone you want your copy to sound. Is it conversation yet professional? Friendly yet authoritative? Full of personality but directed toward your audience?

And once you’ve got the answer, you’re able to narrow down what type of copywriter you are looking for and your business truly needs. 

Step 2: Determine the Copywriting Skill Level Your Biz Needs 

It is best to hire the copywriter that has the skill level that match your profit goals and the ability to bring results to your table and convert more website visitors and compel them to take the desired action you want from them — spend their dollars into your business. If you have the budget and is willing to invest on an experienced copywriter who already have results then it’s best to hire an A-List copywriter who already has proof and testimonials from his or her previous clients. But if you have tight budget, then you can start hiring an up and coming copywriter who invested on his or her skills and is willing to offer you affordable rate and is someone who can learn and scale with your brand. 

Step 3: Create A Specific and Detailed Job Description 

If you want to attract the best and right copywriter then you have to put an effort to write well-explained job description that describes what you are looking for and what you need so you can find the one that’s perfect fit for you and your business. Include everything you’ve defined in step 1 and 2 as well as describe your business goals, vision and mission, your culture and how you do things around so that copywriters will amplify their true purpose.

It will also be helpful if you set deadlines and personalized instructions to know the level of commitment this person is going to bring to you. 

Step 4: Ask and Find for Potential Candidates 

You don’t just wait candidates to come at you!  Many successful business owners may be tight-lipped in sharing the copywriters they have but it is not a reason to continue asking for referrals so you can have a pool of candidates you can trust. Also, it’s time to actually post the job description you create. You may post it on freelancing sites such as Upwork or Fiverr. You can post it on social media groups where a pool of copywriters are hanging out. 

Step 5: Filter the Best Candidates

Once you’ve collected and selected some of the best potential copywriter for your business, then it’s time to use your magnifying glasses and weed out the ones who don’t qualify to your standards. Look for the previous work they have done for their past clients. Ask for testimonials and case studies they have, to see how they have helped their clients, so you can also see what they can do for you and your business. You can also kindly ask for their portfolio and ask how does it make a difference to their client’s brand voice and overall branding. Ask how it builds authority in the industry or niche they operate. And then handpicked those that match or even exceeds your qualifications for a copywriter. 

Step 6: It’s Time to Choose 

Out of all the best potential candidates you’ve handpicked, it’s time to decide who to choose from them and give the role of a copywriter for your business. Keep in mind all of the qualification and standards you have set in choosing the best candidate. You may also ask the opinion of your existing team members if any who can help you decide and make the right choice. 

Step 7: Hire the One 

After choosing your ace copywriter to hire, you will finally onboard him or her on your team and negotiate the rates, deliverables and timeline you will both agree on to. Keeping in mind that everything you both will agreed upon will be for the benefit and good of both parties. Putting the value both will receive in this work or project on top of priority. Both should put emphasis on the advantages and pros both will receive and gain in the partnership and business deal. Also, communicate if there are plans for retainer basis of the service and plans in the long-run so that you can grow and establish the brand voice of your business in the future. 

All the Best with Your Newly Hired Copywriter 

Following all of these 7 best steps to hire a great and conversion-focused copywriter, you can finally unlock the hidden selling power of your website. These are surefire ways to improve your website conversions, strengthen your calls-to-action, refine your brand story, and bring more personality into your optimized website copy.  Your new hire great copywriter will help you discover your brand voice, put more personality into your brand, craft impactful stories and discover new conversion strategies for your biz in the long-run. A copywriter who write the words that make websites easy to navigate and quick to close sales, and a crisp and clever copywriting to make your brand magnetic and profitable. Get ready to get hook up with website words that fit your business like the perfect pair of jeans – with deep pockets for all the money you are going to make from your great copywriter you are soon going to hire. 

All the best with your new copywriter! 

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