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April 7, 2022
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April 7, 2022 [email protected]

Affiliate marketing is an important element of the sales process for selling products and promoting your company. Also, people use to buy where they see more influence. That’s why investing and modernizing your marketing approach is a must.  

Choosing the proper software makes it much easier for businesses to develop great customer-focused strategies. The same applies to affiliate marketing. There’s a large amount of valuable software out there. It ranges from software for warehouse inventory control to help your organization save money. Also, all these software come with unique ways of addressing your firm’s marketing objectives. So, choosing one that perfectly matches your needs is hectic. 

But, don’t worry. This blog will help you in identifying the right software for you. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing Software?

Affiliate marketing software directs traffic to your website from your linked material such as blog posts and videos. You have to pay only if any click converts into sales. 

So, in a B2B scenario, this can be extremely profitable. Thus, for successful marketing, you’ll need some assistance with campaign creation and management. Also, you don’t need to be worried if you’re short of budget. You can use specific affiliate marketing software free versions.

Using Software To Run Affiliate Programs

Companies can utilize affiliate software for managing affiliate programs and optimizing operations around them, as previously discussed. Managing affiliate programs can save you from complex tasks that are hard to cope with. Fortunately, these softwares allow administrators to check:

  • sales statistics
  • monitor commission payments
  • govern the type of traffic it creates
  • prevent fraud

Tracking is one of the most important functions of this softwares. As a result, such software is also referred to as affiliate tracking software. This software gives all stakeholders the tools they need to:

  • create and assign linked links
  • track links back to them after-sales
  • determine each affiliate’s revenue.

As a result, you’ll need to use a dependable tracking program. Affiliate marketers aren’t in it for the joy of it; they’re in it to make money. As a result, commissions and payments must be calculated seamlessly and error-free. Otherwise, leads may lose trust in the program, demotivating them from aggressively marketing items or services.

Some affiliate marketing tools free versions contain customized linked links, resource repositories, and fraud detection. So, you don’t even need to spend too much.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Software For Brands. 

Here is some best affiliate marketing software.

  • Post Affiliate Pro

It is the most reviewed software used in over 100 countries. The company has 100 million affiliates and has paid out $500 million in commissions. It has also received numerous honors in referral software, customer satisfaction, and affiliate management software.

Key features

  • Setup is completely free.
  • The interface that users can customize
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Refersion

Another tool to consider when looking for help with your marketing initiatives is Refersion. It has a built-in post-purchase marketing channel that asks customers to become links. Also, it provides real-time information into who your partners are (and how much money they create for your business).

Refersion’s marketing platform, which is used by popular online businesses such as Magic Spoon and Pura Vida Bracelets, provides:

  • The ability to use the linked marketplace. The Refersion marketplace has over 5,000 certified influencers, content providers, bloggers, and influencers. You may invite them to join your program in only a few clicks.
  • Affiliates should be compensated. With Refersion’s PayPal connectivity, you may send bulk payouts to affiliates at the end of each month.
  • LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a Shopify app for running your referral program for software-as-a-service and eCommerce enterprises. So, to recruit and engage affiliates, use the dashboard. Remember that the more things people sell, the more money your company makes.

LeadDyno customers receive the following as part of the software:

  • Dashboard with a custom design. Attach your dashboard to your online business and add your brand name, logo, and custom colors.
  • App for mobile devices. With LeadDyno’s mobile app, affiliates may check their reports on the go. This is particularly effective if their target audience isn’t online.
  • Form for inviting affiliates. An onboarding form collects crucial information regarding potential affiliates, such as their audience size, social network links, and follower count. Accept just those who meet your requirements.
  • Everflow

Everflow is a referral and marketing service that tracks sales data from various sources.

Everflow’s finest features are designed for existing or scaling online stores and include:

  • Tracking of coupon codes. Create promo codes for their audience instead of linked partners diverting traffic through personalized links. It provides them with an incentive to buy. Everflow also tracks promo code usage and credits sales to the partner who shared it.
  • QR codes are a type of barcode. Working with affiliates who have clout in a specific field? With trackable QR codes, you may assist them in making in-person sales. Each affiliate can generate its code and receive credit for its sales.
  • Reporting on click-to-conversion. With this tool, you can avoid fraud and link abuse. When something appears to be suspect, it’ll notify you. 
  • Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a Shopify-integrated tracking platform. Ecommerce firms use it to keep track of commissions received by recommending customers, affiliates, and influencers.

The following are some of Tapfiliate’s most popular features:

  • Asset management for a brand. Premade brand assets make it easy for affiliates to promote products. Upload logos, social media templates, and HTML banners to ensure that any marketing they undertake on your behalf is consistent.
  • Support for multiple languages. Do you want to broaden your exposure and reach out to overseas clients? Make use of affiliates who have audiences in those areas. French, Spanish, and German are among the languages supported by Tapfiliate.

Choosing A Right Software

As previously stated, there are many affiliate program software packages available, each with its own set of features. So, how do you determine which one is the best fit for your company? There are a few features and traits to look for when it comes to software.

  • Easy Setup

Everyone hates being stuck. And when it comes to business, only smooth processes seem to be reliable. So, you must opt for software that can work easily and won’t be stuck. Ideally, there should be no need to download any plugin or program to get the software operating. The ideal program will have everything you need already built within the software. To get started, it should be quite simple.

  • Security And Fraud Detection In The Enterprise

You can never be too cautious in today’s internet world. The platform in which you invest should be able to provide you with complete control over terms and conditions. Also, it should identify and blacklist affiliates if suspicious behavior is detected.

For foreign brands that must comply with GDPR, your provider should be well-versed. It should know all the rules and regulations that relate to your industry.

  • Various Forms Of Commissions

These software should allow you to configure several commission types for different affiliates within one program. You may have a preferred commission structure. But in the end, it’s ideal for providing affiliates with the option of choosing their favorite billing method. Furthermore, individual campaigns may have different objectives within a single program.

Suppose the majority of your programs are based on pay-per-sale. You will still need to offer a different compensation type at some point. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to run a traffic-generating network with a pay-per-sale commission.

  • Individualized Registration

The opportunity to own, market, and customize the recruitment and registration experience while remaining true to your brand. Control who has access to your application, when they get it, and what parts of it. This is commonly referred to as white label software.

  • Share Links That Are Unique To The Portal

This function is crucial for offering your affiliates assets, insights, and data to improve interaction. This will assist in eliminating repetitive requests and the streamlining of procedures. The more material you give your affiliates, the better.

  • A Database Of Resources

Many program owners overlook this aspect while selecting software. Having a library of branded resources on hand becomes more beneficial and saves hours.

It’s a type of database to store marketing materials that affiliates can promote their products or services. From product descriptions to photographs, discounts, banners, and advertisements, to flash, HTML, lightbox, and text link banners, it’s ideal for retaining various marketing assets on hand.

Also, assume you are concerned about the quality of materials supplied to your company, which we assume you are. An affiliate resources repository is a feature to look for in this instance.

  • Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Because so many people shop on their phones or tablets, why shouldn’t your affiliates be able to track the purchases made through their linked links?

Mobile devices accounted for more than half of all internet traffic in the third quarter of 2021. Thus, this astonishing statistic emphasizes the need to ensure that your program is mobile-friendly. Finding mobile device compatibility means your affiliates can access their commission reports and control panel from their phones, allowing them to manage all of the program’s key components.

Final Words

Every sale is not because of your online campaigns. The majority of your online sales are because of affiliate marketing. Also, it shows the importance of linked marketing. It’s the main reason why you should invest in it.

Affiliate software should be used by any company that has an affiliate program. Businesses can use this application to

  • Manage linked programs
  • work with partners
  • track outcomes
  • regulate costs

Even though manually managing a program is conceivable, it becomes difficult when there are 10 or more affiliates on board.

We feel that using the software can assist businesses. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. This will surely help you decide which software is right for you. And, if it is, to assist you in selecting the best option.


What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software is a tool that helps businesses manage and streamline their affiliate marketing process. It can help in tracking the performance of affiliate campaigns, managing affiliate partnerships, and automating payouts.

What should I consider when choosing the best affiliate marketing software?

When choosing the best affiliate marketing software, you should consider its features, ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, and pricing. It should also provide real-time tracking and reporting, offer reliable support, and have good reviews and user feedback.

Can I use affiliate marketing software for other forms of online marketing?

Yes, many affiliate marketing software also support other forms of online marketing. They often include features for email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. However, it’s important to verify this with the specific software provider.

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