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October 18, 2021
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October 18, 2021 [email protected]

Partly due to the introduction of several inhouse products, 2021 has seen the rise of a few different verticals at VIP. Here’s the top 5:

Dating, dating, dating

  • Our inhouse dating offers for the English-speaking geos generate thousands of leads daily.
  • There is always an audience for dating. Between mainstream and casual/adult dating offers, the potential target group is almost limitless.
  • Dating offers convert with multiple traffic sources. Display, email, push, native, social, search… these are but a few of the traffic sources that have seen good results in our network.


  • Exclusive offers and landing pages. The key to sweepstakes in 2021, for VIP, has been collaboration with advertisers on custom settings and landing pages to ensure good results.
  • New angles and creatives. Tweaking creatives and testing new designs has been a success.
  • Best performing geos: Europe (especially France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy), North America, Australia, and New Zealand.


  • Our inhouse discount membership webshop, Goodeess, is expanding. We recently expanded from France to Germany, and more countries are in the works.
  • It’s (mostly) whitehat! No shade to blackhat, but whitehat makes it that much easier to run e-commerce offers on various social media and search platforms, where regulations are tight.
  • Inhouse designs and on-demand products. Need any help with top-converting creatives for various ad formats? We’ve got your back. Got a product you know you can sell? Check out our catalogue and we’ll set you up.


  • Easy-to-convert CPLs. Casino is not a bad place to start for beginners. Single opt-in offers are easy to convert if you can find some creatives to get started.
  • Casino can also be high-ticket. For those who have cracked how to get users to deposit, CPA casino offers are usually much more interesting. Payouts are generally higher and so are budgets.
  • Best countries for casino with VIP­: Canada, New Zealand, Finland, France, and Australia.

Whitehat Leadgen

  • Easy conversion points are abundant. Many advertisers offer whitehat campaigns on a SOI/DOI CPL basis, and if the design is good, conversions should come easily.
  • Whitehat unlocks a number of traffic sources. Facebook and Google are notorious for ad blocks and bans, but whitehat campaigns make these much easier to avoid.
  • Inhouse Netherlands solar campaign just launched! VIP is breaking into the leadgen space with our own solar offer for the Dutch market—and the plan is to expand!

Want to see all our offers? Check them out here!

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